Driving assement and Training in Banbury and Daventry For Your Nanny


Do you live in the Daventry, Banbury area? Is your nanny driving around with your children?Or  are you looking to employe a nanny or child care profesional? Concerned with your nanny's ability to transport your children safely to and from nursery/school or the shops in the family car? 


Then look no further: I offer the following services to give you the peace of mind when your nanny is entrusted with the children. I can make sure that you new nanny will be up to date with traffic law, and that their driving skills will be better and safer than before. They are your children so it's worth ever penny.


What's Included


A driving licence check: does your nanny have a valid driving licence for Great Britain (Both Paper and Card needed).

Awareness Drive: I will drive your nanny around the local area and identity risks and challenges along typical routes that your nanny will take. Including school runs, shopping runs. Anthing that they will do whilst at work driving your car and with your children

On-road driver assessment: I will make sure that your nanny can meet high standards to be a safe and responsible driver.

Client centred driver development based on the initial on-road assessment what areas of your nanny's driving can be improved? All of my assesments are based on the needs of you their employer and them. Each lesson is taylored to suit both.

Family car familiarization: provide the opportunity for your nanny to get used to a larger, more powerful car than he/she is used to (Your family Car). It may be that they have not driving on the left hand side of the road before, or they are going from a small car to a large 4 x 4. 
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