Driver Training For Your Nanny

Are you looking to employ a nanny or child care profesional? Concerned with your nanny's ability to transport your children safely to and from nursery/school or the shops in the family car?


Then look no further: I offer the following services to give you the peace of mind when your nanny is entrusted with the children.

What's Included

  • A driving licence check: does your nanny have a valid driving licence for driving in Great Britain (Both Paper and Card needed).
  • Awareness Drive: I will drive your nanny around the local area and identity risks and challenges along typical routes that your nanny will take. Including school runs, shopping runs.
  • On-road driver assessment: I will make sure that your nanny can meet high standards to be a safe and responsible driver.
  • Client centred driver development based on the initial on-road assessment what areas of your nanny's driving can be improved?
  • Family car familiarization: provide the opportunity for your nanny to get used to a larger, more powerful car than he/she is used to (Your family Car)

I offer the above training services in a variety of areas listed on my areas page, and can take place in either the family car and/or a Brand new Citroen DS3.


Price   £ 50 for a two hour coaching session or £25 per hour.

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