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Driver Training Banbury Daventry Test in Banbury, Rugby coming up fast??!! you have done all the challenging work with your instructor, now it’s time to go and get your license. During the last few lessons, if there is something bugging you and you would like to cover it, ask them to go over it. It may be that busy roundabout, that parallel park, whatever it is do it a couple of week before, not right before your test.


Do a mock test to see how you cope under test conditions; this will also high light any weak areas. I do mini mocks before the main mock to see how things are going.


The day of the test, make sure you are hydrated, this can help concentration. Do a warm up drive beforehand, I get my pupils to do an hour before to get in the zone, but do not do any maneuver’s, they should all be good by now or you wouldn’t be doing your test.



Your instructor can go with your during the test, this is up to you, but way up the pros and cons before, as they are not allowed to help in anyway.


The rest is up to you, YOU’RE the one in the driver’s seat. Take your time, do what you have been trained to do, and once you pass stay safe and enjoy.



Theory & practice


I Can help you prepare you for the theory test which every learner needs to pass. I also offer all my pupil’s access to a free online website, where they can take real time practice tests, and make sure you are ready You'll also receive valuable tips and information from me in the car.


The theory test is divided into two parts:

A multiple-choice test comprising 50 multiple-choice questions covering aspects of the Highway Code. The pass mark is 43.


A hazard perception test consisting of a series of video clips of actual road hazards that need to be identified. The pass mark is 44.

Click the link below and try the free theory. Sign up with me and get full access.


Practical Test


The Driving Standards Agency recommends that most learners take at least 45 hours of professional tuition lessons and at least 20 hours with friends and family. But in my experience, everyone learns differently and at different speeds, these hours are a guide, check out my video page to find out more about the practical test.


The average number of lessons is currently 35-45 hours. As all learners are different, some will pass more quickly than others.


Your driving test will start with an eyesight check and some vehicle safety questions, download a copy of the show me tell me questions here the driving part of your test will last about 40 minutes. Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving, including when you are carrying out the set exercises. You can make up to 15 driving faults and still pass the test (16 or more results in failure). However, if you commit one serious or dangerous fault you will fail the test.





Driving Test Nerves


Are you taking your driving test in Banbury or Rugby? Nerves are something that we all suffer with from time to time, but unfortunately, they affect some people much more than others. Below you’ll find some helpful advice on how to make sure that your driving test nerves don’t destroy your chances of achieving a first-time pass!


How to combat driving test nerves


To combat the driving test nerves, it’s essential that you feel confident BEFORE you put in for your test. You must believe that you can do it, and just remember your instructor wouldn’t have recommended you apply if they didn’t think you were good enough!

Practice makes perfect when dealing with driving test nerves

Make sure that you have practiced all the maneuvers and driving routines that you could be tested on in your exam plenty of times before your test. This will help you to feel much more confident and help to banish those driving test nerves.

The worst thing that can happen is that you start your driving test uncertain of a maneuver and the examiner then asking you to complete it. This will not help your nerves! If you are struggling on a maneuver, ask your instructor to spend more time on this until you feel confident.


Help and support to combat driving test nerves

Ensure that you have your instructors support. Talk to friends and family about your nerves and anxieties and see if they can offer any advice. You can also join our friendly community over on Facebook where you can interact with thousands of other learner drivers who are all in the same position.


Can herbal remedies help with driving test nerves?

Certain herbal remedies such as Calms can be helpful for some people to help calm driving test nerves. Make sure that you read the label thoroughly and remember that you will need to start taking these a couple of weeks before your test.


Can breathing help with driving test nerves?

It may sound strange but breathing exercises can be very useful to help combat driving test nerves. Simple deep breaths whilst focusing on your in and out breaths will help to relax and sooth any nerves that may be brewing.


Can Bananas help with driving test nerves?

You may have heard instructors and learners recommending that you eat a banana before your test. They are full of vitamin B which will help to calm your test nerves. The main reason for this is that they contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’.


Can distraction help with driving test nerves?

It’s recommended that you arrive at the test center with plenty of time to spare on the day of your test. However, sitting in the waiting room before your test begins is often where most people begin to feel the real nerves kick in. Take along something to read to help distract your attention or why not try the breathing exercises to help keep you calm.


Pretend you’re on a driving lesson to help combat driving test nerves

If the idea of sitting your driving test sends you to jelly, try to think of it as an ordinary driving lesson, but you’ve simply got a replacement instructor in the car. So long as you remember everything that you have been taught and you drive to a high enough standard, you will pass!


Hints and Tips from other learner drivers to help banish those driving test nerves

Here are some hints and tips from other learner drivers about how they overcame driving test nerves:


·          Think of all the good times that you’re going to have when you pass your test

·          Imagine that you’re a taxi driver and you’re taking someone home and must follow their directions.

·          Chill out with friends before your test to help relax

·          Chewing on chewing gum

·          Bach’s rescue remedy

·          Have a positive attitude – “I will try my best but if I fail then at least I’ve tried”

·          Don’t have a big meal before your test – it will make you feel sluggish and tired

·          Hypnotherapy

·          Ask your instructor to sit in on your test – a familiar face in the car can make you feel more at ease

·          Nelson’s Back Rescue Remedy

·          Don’t tell everybody when your test is!

·          Eat a bowl of porridge before your test

·          Beta Blockers

·          Listen to music before your test


If you’ve found a fantastic way to overcome driving test nerves, why not let us know via our contact us page. Who knows you could be helping thousands of other learner drivers beat their driving test nerves too!





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