Driving test rescue lessons in Banbury & Daventry

Have you recently failed your test?



Did you fail your driving test in banbury or Rugby? Or having lessons in Davnetry?Then do not worry, I can help you, whatever the reason. The test rescue course involves an assessment drive to see how I may help you, and then we can plan based on YOUR needs. If you can bring your driving test reports with you, this will help me to understand what you failed on, I can also translate it for you if you don’t quite understand what the driving examiner said. It’s never as bad as you first think, I may only be a very silly mistake because of the test, but whatever happened I can help sort it out with you, to achieve your goal.

Was it your nerves?

Do you think you were ready?

Has it been a while since the test?

Not sure where to turn next


Ceri came to me after failing 4 driving tests’ in various parts of the country. He last test was over 11 years ago. “This is my last go” she said. After her assessment drive and a conversation to see what SHE wanted to improve, we planned to make sure she was ready this time, and to conquer her nerves. Here main problem was large roundabouts, and we spend allot of time going over the more complex ones on Banbury She passed with only 3 minors and is now a confident safe driver.


Kim gave me a call after failing 5 tests in Banbury the year before. Her main problem was not being quite ready for her test. We had a chat and she told me what she would like to improve, we also had a look at her test reports. We planned, and she did PASS her test with only 2 minor faults


The 2-hour assessment only cost the same as a normal driving lessons £55


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