Motorway driving  lessons in Banbury Daventry 


Including all surrounding village and towns.  


As of June 4th, of June 2018 learners will be able to go on the motorway with an approved driving instructor. But for some the motorway is too far away or you learnt before the change in the rules.


Call me as I can help you in just two hours. I can help you either get to grips with your nerves or make these roads less of a daunting prospect. Motorways are one of the safest form of road travel and during your lessons you will gain more and more confidence using them.

Driving on motorways is one of the safest ways of getting from A to B in a car, but some find them a little scary. I just two hours I can give you…


During you lesson we will discuss the following, but it is not limited to these, as situations come up we will discuss and deal with each one.


  • The confidence to drive on motorways with confidence
  • A better understanding of the rules
  • More freedom of travel
  • How to merge on and off the motorway using slip roads
  • How to overtake large vehicles safely with confidence
  • What lanes to use and why
  • A trip into a motorway services, then park up and coffee on me!


It is often the diversity of the different vehicle types encountered on motorways that unprepared drivers find hard to cope with, as well as a unique style of driving being required. Add this to poor weather conditions and the risk of incident becomes much greater.


The price per two hours’ is £55, you feel you need more then you can have more on an hourly rate.

 Call or text 07561526607, find me on Facebook, (Marcus Grant Driving lessons), or email me now for a chat or to book your lesson to Motorway freedom.


Take the fear away and put it onto fifth gear.


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