Prices for driving lessons in Banbury & Daventry


Driving lessons in Banbury & Daventry areas for first time learners.


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I believe in giving value for money, and every lesson I tailored for the pupil to achieve this goal of passing your driving test and gaining you license. Driving lessons are usually two hours long, this enables you to get to your goal of getting a full license faster, plus two hours are more productive, although I can do one-hour lesson to suit your pocket But this is very dependent on with you live right in a test town or out in the villages etc., or if you find two hours a little long to start with.


if you live in a village or not in your chosen test town, I would highly recommend 2 hours, as you will just drive there and back without really achieving any learning. Plus, you will save money as you will learn faster and retain more of what you have learnt that lesson. Now the driving test has the added maneuvers of forward bay park and pull up on the right, plus satnav, two hours is the fastest route to passing your test

Remember if you can buy in bulk you will get a big discount for the hours booked, making it even cheaper for you. It's your life skill, and it's less than 20p per week for life, now there's a bargain.


You can pay with Credit/debit card, in the car with my mobile credit/debit card reader for your convenience, or cash, or even a bank transfer. Witch ever you prefer.

  • Standard two hours lesson £75
  • Block of 6 hours £225 prepaid
  • Block of 10 hours  £375 prepaid
  • Block of 20 Hours  £750 - 10% Discount £675 including discount prepaid
  • Motorway two hours lesson £75
  • Driving test day £85. Includes pre-test lesson, use of the car on test and drive home.



Pay in car with cash, Visa, Master Card PayPal, the easy and safe way to pay.



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Six hours @ 200- Click here to pay now via PayPal

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