Driving lesson prices

Driving lessons in Banbury & Daventry areas for first time learners. I  offer discounts for block bookings, and NSU card holders. Please call, text or email for more information.


I believe in giving value for money, and every lessons I tailored for the pupil to achieve this goal. .Driving lessons are usually two hours long, this enables you to get to your goal of getting a full license faster, plus two hours are more productive, although I can do one hour lesson to suit your pocket, or if you find two hours a little long to start with.


Iif you live in a village or not in your chosen test town, i would highly recomend 2 hours, as you will just drive there and back without really achiieving any learning. Plus you will save money as you will learn faster and retain more.


You can pay with Credit/debit card, in the car for your convenience, or cash. Witch ever you prefer.



  • Standard one hour lesson rate £27.50 - Terms apply
  • Standard two hours lesson £55
  • 6 hours and receive 5% discount £157
  • 10 hours and receive a 10% discount £247.50
  • 20 Hours and receive a 15% discount £467.50

Pay in car with cash, Visa, Master Card
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Pass Plus

Six hours @ £130 - Click here to pay now via PayPal

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